Look through the resources below for recommendations from us at Family Wellness Tips. These are products or services that we truly recommend (coming from our professional and personal experience). You will find resources that will help you to improve the health and wellness of you as a parent and an individual. There will also be recommendations to help your kids grow and develop. And you will find resources that will promote the health and wellness of your whole family.



Consider the products and services below for improving your life and well-being as a mother. Parenting can be demanding and stressful but it can also be beautiful and fulfilling. It is important to find some strategies and learn some tips that will help you on your journey to greater health and wellness for you as an individual.

The Happiness Trap - Book.
This book is valuable in helping overwhelmed or stressed moms to improve their well-being, their happiness, in day to day life. This book will give you some great insights and tips on becoming happier and what is stopping you from feeling the way you would like to feel.



Meal Planner Pad
This meal planner pad will help you manage your family's nutrition. I recommend planning your meals two weeks at a time. (This is what I do.) Planning ahead will lower your grocery bill, make feeding your family way easier, and could also improve your family's health if you consider the nutritional needs of your family (for example, I think about the food groups and plan to offer fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins throughout the day and week. I will tell you more about this in a post.)


Use these recommendations to improve your relationship with your spouse or partner.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
This is a book that was recommended to me when I got married. It provides ideas for creating a solid and fulfilling marriage.
ACT with Love
This book is highly recommended. It is based on Acceptance Commitment Therapy, a highly credible approach used in therapy for multiple issues including anxiety, depression, social skills, relationship issues, addictions, and much more. I am recommending this book as I have personally bought and read this book and found such helpful information for improving my marriage. Of course, you can’t typically improve anything without acting upon the information you learn, but that’s one of the main points of this book…You learn new strategies that will improve your own way of being in a relationship and then you commit to act on the strategies learned.
The 5 Love Languages
Relationships can be difficult because we are all different. It is important to learn about your own and your partner’s Love Language so that you can better understand how you and your partner view love and affection and how to best show your love, care, and commitment to one another. This is another book that I have personally read and highly recommend. Being self-aware and learning about your partner are two of the best things you can do for your relationship.


File Holder Organization

This KINGFOM Desktop Wooden Leatherette Magazine File Holder-Organizer-3 Compartment Stand Rack-Papers Storage Box (black) can help you to improve your organization which will ultimately improve your wellness. Create folders for separate topics in life such as meal planning, paying bills, family appointments/medical stuff, goal-setting, and much more.