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7 Do-Able Action Steps for Overcoming "Stressed Out Mom" Syndrome. Read this for some relief.

7 Do-Able Action Steps for Overcoming "Stressed Out Mom" Syndrome. Read this for some relief.

Are you a stressed out mom? Are you trying to do your best but seem to never feel caught up or in control of your life? This is how many moms are feeling today. You are not alone.

There is so much information out there…information on how to parent your kids (tons on that), information on how to be a better mom, how to clean your house, how to do “self-care,” and so much information and advice out there that it can be overwhelming.

With that being said, I also know that time is valuable and you may be reading this after your kids finally went to bed (and you can’t fall asleep even though you desperately want to) or maybe you’re reading this while you should be working or doing chores but you can’t get up the motivation to get the things done that you “should” be doing.

So, coming from both a professional who has worked in multiple ways helping moms and families improve their lives and also from a long-time “stressed out mom” who is overworked and exhausted but also from someone who is on the right track toward more peace and happiness in my life, I can give you 7 things you need to do so you don’t feel like that stressed out mom anymore.

You can start to feel like your true self if you follow these tips.

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7 Do-Able Action Steps for Overcoming “Stressed-Out Mom” Syndrome:

  1. Wake up at least 15 minutes earlier than your kids (ideally 30-45 minutes, but start small and build your way up if that works better for you). This will give you a fresh start on the day and help reduce your stress because your body won’t feel like it was just thrown into the hustle and bustle of the day. Instead, you can take a moment to simply be, just be in the moment and relax and breathe before your day really starts. You may want to read 7 Tips on How to Get Up in the Morning (but only if you are relaxed and ready for more information - no need to take in more if it will end up feeling too overwhelming)

  2. Drink at least 50 ounces of water a day. Yes, there are lots of recommendations out there for how much water you should drink (like a certain percentage of your body weight or 64 ounces or whatever), but just pick a number and stick to it. Keep your water bottle near you and just make yourself drink it throughout the day. Staying hydrated is important to your health and energy levels which ultimately will reduce your stress. You need all the energy you can get to live this life with ease and fulfillment.

  3. Focus on the task at hand. This is related to the strategy of mindfulness. Mindfulness has a lot of buzz in the world but the actual implementation of mindfulness in day to day life can look different for a lot of different people. In this case, I recommend that you identify the different parts of your day and put on your hat that represents that part of your day. For instance, when you are guiding your kids through getting ready for school, put on your “Mom Mind” and focus on that task. Try not to worry about all the other things you need to do. When you are doing a daily cleaning checklist or system (whatever it is for you), switch to your “Cleaning Mind.” [You could take a look at “How to Clean Your House Fast” or our download “Block Scheduling”]

  4. Reduce your responsibilities and expectations. What can you take out of your life that will help you to get away from “stressed-out mom” syndrome. Your goal is to be a more peaceful mom with less feelings of overwhelm and frustration and to do that you need to have a reasonable level of expectations on yourself and what you can accomplish in a given day or week. Although us stressed-out moms can get a lot done, we need to value our own well-being which ultimately influences our family’s wellness, too. What can you take out of your life, off your to-do list, off your regular responsibilities? Can you cut back at work on hours or tasks? Can you assign some of your cleaning tasks to your kids? Can you make a free hour or two every day where you don’t have anything scheduled?

  5. Make a budget. Although at first it may seem like making a budget and working on your finances will add to your stress, in the long run, it will actually help you to reduce your stress. Having control of where your family’s money goes will help your household in many ways. You will feel happier that you are able to reach your financial goals and also focus more on things that improve your wellness. For instance, when we stop spending money frivolously, we can focus more on the here-and-now and enjoy the little things that don’t cost money, like sitting on the back porch with a cup of coffee watching your kids play in the back yard or reading a book to your kids (or yourself), or whatever little moments that we forget to cherish when we are too busy running around here and there. There will be more resources and help on this topic on this site in the future so be sure to SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST to get the updates!

  6. Take a moment to breathe. You need to gain control over your breath to improve your well-being and reduce your stress and anxiety. When we get too caught up in our stress and to-do’s, we can forget to pay attention to our physiological signs. When overwhelmed or stressed in some way, your body can begin to breathe more quickly and without efforts to slow down your own breathing, your body tends to take these more shallow breaths more often which can lead to even more anxiety and stress, a vicious cycle. So, when feeling stressed, either in the moment or, if you can, step away into another room and take some slow, deep breathes to help your body relax. By deep breathing, you supply your brain with more oxygen, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which leads to an increased feeling of calm…and less stressed-out mom feelings.

  7. Tell yourself “It’s Okay.” It is okay to feel stress but we don’t want to feel stress all the time or even most of the time. But accepting that stress is part of everyone’s day to day life including yours will help you to stop fighting with yourself. If you can say and believe “I am stressed. I feel this stress. I accept this stress.” then you will be more likely and more able to have the energy, focus, and be in the right frame of mind to take the actions above (and other strategies that work for you) to move you in the direction you want to go.

I hope these strategies help you to be less of a stressed out mom and to help bring some peace and wellness to your life. This parenting thing can be tough but if you learn some helpful habits and new ways of thinking and make even some minor changes to your day to day life, you will be able to experience the benefits and blessings of parenting and truly enjoy your life.

Now go and try out at least one of these action steps.

I encourage you to start your journey to becoming less stressed and improving your wellness today.

If you would like a PDF Download of the 7 Do-Able Action Steps, you can get one for 99 cents on our store. You can use it as a visual reminder of these strategies. Sometimes when we are stressed, we feel lost and confused and don’t know how to get unstuck. Having a simple visual reminder of what we can do to help ourselves can be really powerful.

I would also like to let you know that I purposefully did not write “Stressed Out Mom Syndrome” on the download because if you put the document in a place where your family might see it, I wouldn’t want them to feel any negative vibes that you are stressed out.

Also, I call the steps “Do-Able” instead of using the word “easy” (which many posts might use to make you more likely to click on them because, of course, don’t we all want “easy.”). I do this on purpose because most changes are hard especially building new habits and getting unstuck from stress and feeling overwhelmed. Parenting can be hard. Responsibilities are hard. But “do-able” is true. These steps are do-able. You can do any one or all of them if you commit to it!


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