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7 Tips on How to Get Up in the Morning When You Don't Want To...For Moms

7 Tips on How to Get Up in the Morning When You Don't Want To...For Moms

Does it seem IMPOSSIBLE to get up at a reasonable time in the morning? Especially to wake up early?

There is a lot of information out there on how to get up in the morning. Some say it will help you become more productive or have more peace throughout your day. Others say that getting up early in the morning will help you become wildly successful and that you will be more likely to accomplish your goals and dreams.

First of all, as a mom, you know that you need to be able to get up at a reasonable time on most days to help your kids get ready for school or to take care of your toddler who of course can’t let you sleep in or to go to work or run errands.

If you can’t get up in the morning, try these 7 tips on how to get up in the morning when you don’t want to.

  1. Just Get Up. One of the most important tips I can give you is to just do it. Instead of trying to convince yourself to get out of bed and hoping you will feel like getting up in the morning, it is better to tell yourself to just do it. Say to yourself', “Just get out of bed.” with no other explanation. When you live your life based upon what you feel like doing, usually you won’t be as productive, successful, or happy than if you become more disciplined about sticking to your plans. So, when you are in a state of mind to decide on a good wake up time for yourself (possibly 5:00 or 6:00 am Monday through Friday), set your alarm and then just get up. Yes, it will be difficult for awhile, and you most definitely will have to get enough sleep (another tip), but it will be worth it and make it easier to get up even when you don’t want to.

  2. Get enough sleep. It is super important to get enough sleep if you want to get up in the morning more easily. Decide on how many hours of sleep you should ideally get (such as 7 or 8 hours). Then subtract that time from your wake up time to decide on your bedtime. Create a bedtime routine that will allow you to go to bed at your designated bedtime. Rest and relaxation is important. You need to get enough sleep to be able to get out of bed more easily as well as to have enough energy to get things done in the morning and throughout the day.

  3. Keep screens out of the bedroom. This is super important. Screens can make it difficult to get quality sleep. Plus, having your phone, for example, near you will be so much more tempting to use rather than having it charging in a separate room. Also, having a TV in your bedroom is common but this also can cause an issue with quality sleep, so we recommend that you stick to the rule of no screens in the bedroom so that you are much more likely to get enough sleep and quality sleep. Strategic placement of your alarm and screens is known as Environmental Arrangement, a strategy that is used in behavioral treatment approaches to improve people’s lives.

    This can pose a problem for those of you who are used to using your phone as an alarm clock but you can do one of two things. Either set your phone alarm loud enough so that you can hear it from your bedroom when your phone is in another room or get a traditional alarm clock such as this one: RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4" Display.

  4. Reinforce yourself for waking up. To continue doing anything new and uncomfortable, you need to be able to reward yourself for doing so, or more specifically, the experts would say provide yourself with “reinforcement.” This means that something positive needs to happen after you wake up or else you will just end up hating mornings even more and make it more difficult for yourself to get out of bed. So, for instance, when I decided I would try the wild idea of waking up early (to me this was 5:00am), I gave myself a cup of coffee, sat on the couch, and watched an inspirational video on YouTube. I made these tasks as easy to do as possible. For instance, I prepped the coffee pot the night before so that all I had to do in the morning was push the on button and I also had previously created a list of videos to watch in my “Watch Later” list on YouTube so I didn’t have to spend the time or energy deciding what to watch. I just had to randomly pick something from the list of videos. Also, I did all this in silence (minus the noise of the video, of course). I love silence! Life is so hectic, so quiet time is golden in my eyes. So find something positive to give yourself for getting out of bed.

  5. Create a behavioral chain (morning routine of habits). This is really important. If you want to create a new habit, an effective strategy is to connect it to another habit that you already have. In the case of waking up, if you identify like 5-10 tasks that you will develop as new habits (because once you’re up in the morning, you need to know what you plan on doing or else you will be even more tempted to go back to bed). Go over to the Family Wellness Store and check out the Morning Routine of Habits download to get an idea of what this would look like and also for more instructions on how to actually develop this behavioral chain.

  6. Keep your alarm clock away from you. Keep your alarm clock away from you. This will ensure that you actually physically have to get out of your bed. This is a somewhat related to the item above of not having screens in your room (if your alarm is usually your phone) but it is so important to have whatever alarm you use out of reach. This is an environmental arrangement strategy that will make it at least slightly more likely that you will get up in the morning even when you don’t want to, because once you are up, you are up. Just don’t go back to bed!

  7. Live your values. No matter what we do, we should live in line with our values. This will be discussed in another post but for now I will tell you that whatever you value in life, you should be sure to build your days around those things. For instance, if you value family and education then you want to think about how you are living in line with those values in your morning hours. Do your actions show that you value family and education? The answer to that question can only be answered by you. But, whatever the answer is, evaluate it and decide on what actions you would like to continue doing and what actions you’d like to add to your life, particularly in your morning, that will help you live in line with your values.

    To share with you, my core values are family, wellness, learning, and excellence, so I was able to create a drastically new way of interacting with my mornings based on these values. I wanted to be a better mom in the mornings so I added habits that fit with that goal (such as making my kids breakfast and being physically out of bed while they were getting ready for school). I also wanted to work on my own personal wellness so I added things like write down things I’m grateful for and doing a short yoga video. For learning, I added watching an inspirational (self-help) video in my morning routine. For excellence, I remind myself to not give up and to keep trying even when I mess up.

Here is the link to the store where you can find further directions and a sample of a Morning Routine - Chain of Habits system. I encourage you to personalize it to fit your personality, your lifestyle, your values, and your dreams.

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